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Saturday, February 15


1:00 – 4:00pm


Holistic Wellness Center

1610 South 8th St.

Fernandina Beach, FL

Richard J. Hanel, MSN ARNP and Founder of Focused Mens Health, has been a men’s health advocate specifically in the area of ED Management and sexual health since 2015. ​
At age 45, Rich began experiencing symptoms of Low T. After searching out physicians to help, he soon realized that there were very few doctors who were comfortable or even equipped to treat his problem. This frustration prompted him to seek out his own continuing education and practice guidelines for the treatment and management of hormone replacement therapy. After traveling north and south of St. Augustine, Florida, he realized that there was a need for this specialized service right in his home town. Those ensuing years were a precursor to the founding of his practice.
Focused Men’s Health is a hybrid of medical proficiency and specialized care for men who are seeking improved sexual function, better sleep patterns, balanced emotional state and enhanced physical wellness.
Focused Mens Health is dedicated to the optimal health and well being of men. We are attentive to our patients’ personal concerns and concentrate on the unique needs of men of all ages. Focused Mens Health excels at treating Aging and Wellness, ED Management, Hormone Optimization and overall sexual health in a discrete professional setting. Focused Mens Health specializes in testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction, weight and direct medical care. Our office is conveniently located and our all-male medical providers are available to answer your questions and concerns in a private and discrete setting.
We offer services and treatments specifically personalized to address your specific needs. We provide the personal attention and individual service because we’ve been where you are now. With more than 18 years in the medical field, our licensed practitioners can help you treat the physical, sexual, endocrinal and hormonal issues that all men face.
Come learn more from Dr. Richard February 15th at 1pm in our courtyard. He will also be available to meet privately with anyone interested after the lecture.