You may know that Dr. Chris needs surgery to repair a hernia. This will happen on Monday, August 9. Per his doctor’s orders, “no lifting more than a gallon of milk for at least 2 weeks”. So, no chiropractic adjustments will be scheduled for the next couple of weeks. We will be in touch to let you know how he’s doing and when he will resume his chiropractic services.

In the mean time, he may be down but he’s not out! Doc has more than your back! Holistic Wellness remains open and training, pool, sauna, massage, and other services are available. And…

Dr. Chris will be available for personalized Nutrition Consultations where he takes a holistic approach to your body and your health. In addition to self-care, exercise, nutrition, and supplement recommendations, he may also suggest hormone testing or lab work.

The $200 Consultation fee includes a private session and related follow-up and during the month of August 10% off your purchase of 3 or more supplements.

Sick? Depressed? Tired? Can’t sleep? Pain? Digestive issues? Need an immunity boost? High cholesterol? Menopausal? Light headed? Sugar addiction? Etc…?

During the month of August, receive 10% off your purchase of
3 or more supplements with a Nutrition Consultation.

HWC carries the full line of Dr. Clinical supplements – doctor formulated, proprietary natural nutritional supplements, manufactured using GMP certified plants with cutting-edge fast absorption technologies.

Call us at 904.310.3950 to schedule your Nutrition Consultation or any other services.